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Stage Communication

“EF-200” Dual Channel Intercom Base Station

When designing a wired intercom network, choosing the right main station is crucial. EF-200 dual channel station offers great features at a very compressed price, being perfect for small to medium installations. The unit incorporates an internal worldwide voltage operation power supply, capable of powering up to 50-60* remote stations or beltpacks. In case of short-circuit at any point of the line, the unit will shut down with an automatic reset once the problem is fixed.

The unit offers the possibility of communicating with two independent channels, with separate “TALK” and “LISTEN” buttons and a handy A-B listen balance control. Also, A+B switch will join line B onto line A when required.

EF-200 main station includes a program Input (MIC/Line) provided with “assign” and “volume” controls. Also, this main station incorporates controls to remotely execute actions such as “all Mic-Off” (Mic-Kill) and “all Buzzers-Off” (Buzz-Kill).

Headset microphone signal can be sent to the main speakers in order to address announcements to the public. Also, relay contacts are provided, offering the installer several automating and remote control options (“tally, speakers switching, cue lights activation, etc).

The MULTICHANNEL LINK connection allows to set up multichannel systems by connecting different stations and using just one headset for all them. This way, the user will be able to operate several channels (2,4,6…) without the need of using several headsets.

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