Z-1520 RGB
Z-1520 RGB

Want to add colors to your fog effects? Not a problem! Let Antari Z-1520 RGB fulfill your dreams. With additional 22 RGB bright LED to shine the fog output produced by Antari Z-1520, the evolutional successor of well-known Z-1020. One machine can satisfy desires for both spectacular fog and lighting effects at the same time.

Power Consumption: AC 120V/230V, 1650W
Output: 5 meters height, 1 meters width
First Time Heat Up: 5 min
Tank Capacity: 2.4 litre
Fluid Consumption Rate: 150ml/min
Light Source: 22 x 3W LED (8R, 7G, 7B)
Remote Included: W-2 Wireless Transmitter
DMX: On board
Light Used: Antari FLC Water-based Fluid