LEXUS - 24
LEXUS - 24

The Lexus-24 is a 2-banks 12 fader, 1-bank 24 fader mixing console, it controls DMX and has also the capability to be used with MIDI protocol to allow real-time programs. the Lexus-24 controls 2x 12 channels (single bank) or 24 channels. The Lexus-24 can program 48 scenes or chase of 999 steps or a loop with a total of 11988 steps. Programs can be run automatically or by external or internal music-input. It is also possible to control your lightshow by the built in MIDI-interface to allow a real-time live-show to your music.

24 control channels
48 scenes
48 chaser programs with 999 steps
2 independent dipless crossfaders
3 digit LCD display
MIDI in/out
Audio in
DMX invertible