Meet Antari’s latest snow machine: The S-500. Its main body and 20-Litre fluid tank are placed inside a road case with wheels.The nozzle is connected by a 10-meter long hose and it can be easily rigged on a standard truss. Wind blow and snow fluids are delivered via the 10-Meter hose. Users can adjust the wind volume and flow rate to get the right snow effects needed, from fine snow to Blizzard.

Power Consumption: 890 W
Maximum Flow Rate: 400 ml per minute
Fluid Tank Capacity: 20 Litre
Controls: LCD panel, DMX included
Optional Accessory: PM-1 Pan Motor
Control Options: W-DMX-PCBR : W-DMX Module, W-2 Wireless Remote, SC-3 Wired Remote 10 Meter Long Hose (S-500), 20 Meter Long Hose (S-500L)
Liquid Used: Antari SL-20N Snow / Foam Liquid, Antari SL-20AN Snow Liquid Premium