• Extra handles on the flightcase

• Wheel casters (cups) in lid of the flightcase
• PED certified tank with flat sides according to the latest regulations
• Special stainless steel quick connectors on tank and shot barrel (saves a lot of time to connect the shot barrels)
• Grip handles on the tank brackets, more power to tighten
• Fixed brackets, the tank can only make the required 90 degree angle
• New hose connector with non-return valve, international profile
• Air filter 20 micron (0.02mm)
• Built-in manometer
• Different power input options (110v, 220v, 12v, 24v)
• New Neutrik True1 PowerCON connectors in & out
• Led indicator, lights when powered
• Drains in each corner of the case
• 8.5 Bar pressure relief safety valve 
• Manual relief valve (for depressurizing the tank)

Size: Closed roadcase 80x60x75 cm
Weight: 108 Kg
Tank: 35 L
Voltage: 12-24 VDC / 110-230 VAC
Power: 20 Watt
Control: Directly operated / DMX with switch pack
Consumption: 2-3kgs of confetti / 25 bags streamers 10mx1.5cm / 12 bags streamers 10mx5cm / 8 bags Stadium Streamers 20mx5cm
Max. Distance: Confetti: 20m Streamers: 35m Stadium Streamers: 40m