The Verto Truss is a new revolutionary system, making truss connection 
fast, silent and safe. The Verto truss brings a totally new perspective on 
truss assembly and is described as a game changer in our industry.

Verto system benefits : 
• Tool-less system, no tools needed for assembly and disassembly
• Red ring to indicate the system is still open
• No protruding parts, ideal for attaching banners or drapes
• Bringing safety to the work floor - its silent connection adds greatly to work floor communication
• Incredible fast connection and disconnection, reducing production time.
• Strong and compact, based on the H30V truss with similar loading capacity
• Coupling parts can be replaced, prolonging the general lifetime of your truss
• Versatile system with many application possibilities, the additional box corner completes the system
• Incorporated dirt-repellent system