The dot2 XL-B is a compact lighting console designed for small to medium sized productions up to 4,096 control channels.

Dimensions: 427 x 736 x 161mm / 16.8 x 29 x 6.4inch
Input connectors: 1 x etherCON (dot2-Net, sACN, Artnet), 1 x XLR 5pin (DMX), 1 x XLR 3pin (SMPTE), 1 x DIN (MIDI), 1 x Sub-D 15pol (Analogue Remote), 1 x IEC 60320 C13/C14 (IEC cord)
Output Connectors: 4 x XLR 5pin (DMX), 3 x USB, 1x DVI-D, 1 x DIN (MIDI), 1 x XLR 4pin (desk lamp)
Net Weight: 9.1kg / 20lbs
Operating Voltage: 120/230V, 50/60Hz (automatic detection)