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Modern Stage Service has been the pioneer in the field of lighting and designing stagecraft equipment. Because of the intrinsic quality and superior performance our equipment has been in constant demand by the event companies, lighting designers, experts, theatre architects and others who are familiar with their performance. With advancing digital electronics our lights and control panels are getting smarter by the day, changing to your needs and preferences.

Modern stage service is the authorized distributors (Pan India) for many reputed brands in lighting, audio, video and special effects (MA Lighting, DTS Lighting, MagicFx, Prolyte, Prolyft etc. )

Modern Stage Service has always been involved in designing some of the most creative Son et lumière shows throughout India. We have worked with some of the finest light designers from around the world and have helped them create magical and memorable experiences for clients.


Untitled-1_0003_Our Mentor - R.K. Dhingra - 01

R. K. Dhingra

Untitled-1_0001_Varinder Wadhwa - Director 02 photo

Varinder Wadhwa

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Sahil Wadhwa


Kartik Wadhwa


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